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3 gift ideas for Mother's Day!

For the mothers of the little rascals!

Mum of a toddler? Then you probably deserve this day even more, especially if there are several of them running around. But every age has its charms! Because in addition to the stubbornness phase (or toddler puberty), your child will also develop at top speed! Which also means that the gifts you get from your little one become more and more valuable!

Have you been showered with works of art by your little Picasso this year? Then look to immortalize them in a suitable photo frame. Are they colourful works of art? Then go for a neutral photo frame in black, white or natural oak. Can the work of art use some extra colour? Then take a look at the colourful photo frames.

Is your child not that creative?? Paint his/her hands and/or feet and make a print of it! Put it in a photo frame with the following words "For the sweetest mum" and your mummy's heart will melt.



For the experienced moms 


As an experienced mum, you know the tricks of the trade by now, but a little help now and then can't hurt.

Make life easier for your mum with a memo board or magnetic board! This will provide some more structure so that your mum can make some more time for herself throughout the year!


For the long-distance mothers


If you do not live under the same roof with your mum (anymore), you will probably have seen a little less of her in the past year than you had hoped. Many mothers have also had to miss their (grand)children this year.

Especially for these mothers, we would like to put our extensive range of photo albums and photo boxes in the spotlight!

Fill these with your most beautiful memories so that your mum can look at them whenever she wants to in order to make the distance a little more bearable!