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Meet our Memory Frame!

Are you also a big sports fan? Or do you like to keep memories that you cherish? Then we have the perfect solution for you! Discover our Memory frame. Ideal for framing sports jerseys, memories or other fun objects. A real eye-catcher in your interior, we are sure of it!

With a size of 60x80 cm and a depth of 1.5 cm you can perfectly frame large sports jerseys but also smaller objects such as baby clothes, medals and so on. There is an adjustable black coat hanger included with the photo frame where you can hang your jerseys. If your sweater is smaller, you can lower the coat rack so that the sweater falls nicely into the middle of the frame. If your sports jersey is a little larger, hang it a little higher. Don't worry, this is all explained in a practical manual that comes with the frame. The frame is not only suitable for framing your sports jersey, but can also serve as a collection frame for all kinds of fun objects. Think of your child's first baby clothes, a soccer jersey, a cyclist jersey, a first ballet outfit, a scout shirt with endless memories attached to it. 

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Framing baby clothes 

Have you also kept countless baby clothes in a box in your closet? Just think of little stockings, first cuddly toy, onesie, ... It is all so cute. Why not eternalize those beautiful moments? You can frame them in an easy way with our Memory Frame! 

You can also do someone else a big favor with it! Think of young parents who have a newborn baby or parents whose children have just left home and want to cherish those beautiful moments from the past.

Framing sports memories 

Sports jerseys are also often framed! Think about your last golf tournament where you scored a hole-in-one or the soccer jersey of your favorite soccer player. Do you like to play tennis or is your idol a world-famous tennis player? Is your goalkeeper retiring after many years of loyal service and do you want to wave him off with a suitable gift? Then the Memory Frame is the ideal gift! Have the whole team sign the soccer jersey with his name and frame it in the Memory Frame. A fun souvenir guaranteed!

Use the easy-adjustable coat rack to attach your jersey at the ideal height. To avoid creasing the sweater, we recommend using double-sided tape. Stick the tape on both corners of the shirt and frame it that way. 

Framing clothing with memories 

You may have spent your entire childhood in the youth movement. You walked around weekend after weekend in your scout shirt that undoubtedly gave you many unforgettable moments. That same shirt is full of great memories of a lot of fantastic years. Just think of all the nicknames of your fellow members engraved with thick alcohol pen on the shirt.

You can also frame other clothing, just think of your wedding or that of your child(ren). A very special day that you can continue to cherish by framing your own wedding dress or a piece of clothing you wore that day in our Memory Frame!

Read our Memory Frame instructions below and find out how to frame your objects in 6 easy steps.

Open the clips and remove the backing from the frame.

Remove the cardboard and the coat rack from the inside of the frame.

Place the back of the frame on a table with the hanger below. Place the cardboard with the black side up.

Hang your jersey on the customizable coat rack.

Fold part of the coat rack over the black cardboard. Make sure your jersey fits nicely in the center of the frame. TIP: Use double-sided tape to position fun objects.

Place the frame with synthetic glass in front of your jersey. Be careful not to get any dust between the glass and your jersey, and tighten the clips on the back back again.

Hang the memory frame on the wall and you're done!