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Do more with your photos, discover our ideas!

Do you have a lot of pictures that you would like to integrate into your interior and you can't make a choice?  
We have a solution! In fact, we have several solutions such as nice multi photo frames, photo walls, magnetic boards and more! Let us go through them. 

Multi picture frames

First we have the multi picture frames which allow you to place various photos in 1 frame. The best effect is achieved when you use photos in the same style or theme.  
Think of portrait photos of each member of your family in front of the same background, different pictures with the same range of colouring, different photos of the same party or the same location, ...  

We have a very wide range of multi print frames, offering space for 2 to 16 photos! Our range consists of frames with and without mount! Most models are also available in several colours so that they always fit perfectly into your interior!

Multi picture frames

Photo walls 

You've probably seen them pass by on Pinterest, Instagram or any magazine that has an interior design column! It is definitely a great way to decorate an empty wall (or a wall with some minor flaws).  

All very well, but a photo wall is of course easier said than done! How many frames are you going to use? How are you going to arrange them? Will you fill them all with personal photos or is there also room for quotes and pictures from other photographers?  

One aspect we can already solve for you! At Deknudt Frames we offer ready-made photo walls, these ready-made gallery walls are available with 5, 6, 10 or 15 frames! How you finally arrange them on the wall is completely up to you! But we will give you some inspiration. We also provide a handy ruler, which makes hanging the frames a lot easier!  

Photo walls


Ever heard of a gallerina? A gallerina is the perfect solution if you like to change photos regularly. Of course you can also present different photos in it.

A gallerina is a picture frame with several strips. You can easily place your pictures in it while it is still hanging on the wall. You don't need any glue or adhesives! 

We see the gallerina most often in the kitchen of parents or grandparents. This way they can quickly display the latest pictures of their children and grandchildren. 


Magnetic boards 


Magnetic boards are also a fun and easy way to present different photos! Go for small neutral magnets, so that the focus stays on the picture. 

Another advantage of a magnet board is that you can hang up other things besides photos, such as important doctor's appointments, shopping lists, etc. Here too you can easily change, add or remove photos!     

Magnetic boards

Child growth charts

Would you like to hang lots of pictures of your little one? Then have a look at our growth charts!

Our frames are either provided with apertures or with clothes-pegs on which you can hang your photos. The best effect is obtained if you add one or more photos of your little darling per height at the moment he/she has reached a certain size!       


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